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  1. Sandra Thankyou for my mad mutt marley. he is the best dog ever even if he is the biggest baby.

    loves the snow and the drives our rottweiler grazy wanting to play all the time. she would rather lay on the sofa.loves the rain and sits under the bushes for ages and wont come in.

    He loves to come into bed ( yes under the duvet) with us although my husband is not so keen on the grass and gritt inside the bed on his half ha ha. not sure why he should moan.

    hope you all have a great xmas will bring marley to see you in the new year. 🙂

  2. Happy 2nd Birthday to Pippas brothers and sisters born 20th December 2008. She has given us so much happiness and we wouldn’t be without her. We have just returned from a run in the snow with our other cocker spaniel, ollie. Thankyou Sandra for both our lovely dogs. Wishing you all a merry christmas and a happy new year. 🙂

  3. Wishing all Kenalure Cocker Owners& Cockers a Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year.

    Thankyou all for the lovely cards and photos i have received i love xmas time as it is a popular time for updates on how my puppies & adult dogs are doing in their new home.

    Remember not to much Turkey!

    Merry Xmas


  4. Hi,

    Can’t believe Honey is now 1!! She loves nothing more than chasing a ball and playing fetch in the fields!!! She could do with a friend though!!!! With love Anna!

  5. Hi Sandra,

    Just thought I’d attach a photo of Chip on his 1st birthday, today!! Busy chewing his new tyre, that probably won’t last long knowing him.

    What a great puppy he his though. Life wouldn’t be the same without his cheeky little character and everybody adores him.

    We are so glad we stumbled across you’re website and can’t wait to come and see our new bundle at the weekend. You have us hooked now…

    Happy Birthday to all Chip’s brothers and sisters out there.

    Best Wishes

    Emma & Grant

  6. Hi Sandra.

    Arri is now 13 weeks old & is a real bundle of fun!! He’s a typical puppy & into everything. He’s managed to get through the stairgate & is now running up & down the stairs. His puppy training is going well & he loves going to work with me – may have to put him on the pay roll.

    Attached is a picture of him enjoying the snow recently.

    Thanks so much for our wonderful pup & who knows maybe another one for us next year!! 🙂

    Regards Tracey & Andy x

  7. Dear Sandra,

    we can’t believe Alfie is already one year old today! As a treat, he had a super-long run at the park, where he got covered in mud (see pic) after playing with one of his girlfriends, and has now opened his present and wolfed down his little dog cake!

    He brings such happiness to the family, we are all hopelessly in love with him. We look forward to many more wonderful years with him. Thanks for giving us such a wonderful dog!

    Love from Deborah, Lucas & Co.

  8. Hi Sandra, Bailey is 1 today and how time flys we can’t imagine his cheecky character not being around the house and he enjoyed opening his presents even though he liked the wrapping paper better than the treat.



  9. aloha, sandra. we all made it back to hawaii in one piece. took U.K. out on stand up paddleboard several times and he loves it. very loving little guy and the greatest gift!!…thank you for seeing it in your heart to help us here in hawaii obtain the color and breed of a dog we wanted. without you, we would not have U.K. you are the best and he is the was a wonderful experience meeting you; and we’ll stop in on return trips to say hi. UK at 2.5 little blue roan

  10. Hi Sandra, 4 years on and Missy is still as gorgeous as ever. Barney has grown up to be a proud and loving dog. Both are wonderful parts of our life. We talk of your kennels often and hope that you, your family and your lovely canine family are all as well as ever. Andrew and Amelia

  11. Hi Sandra, well here he is ‘Prince Charming’ now nearly 4.5 months old, isnt he handsome! We are so glad we found you, thank you. He is adorable, very charming, loves the camera, mischevious, fantastic with the girls and our other dog Frazer who is nearly 14!! We certainly would not be without him. Many thanks Sandra – D xx

  12. this is our dog scamp he was three last month. his parents are fudge and maddie. thank you for him : D

    matthew kaye age 9 xxx

  13. Hi Sandra, We are very proud parents… we entered Louis into a local pet portrait competition and yesterday we were informed that he had won first prize!!!

    We always new he was the most handsome dog in the world. Everyone comments about his chocolate coloured coat and his cream UGG boot feet!

    Tonight he is going trick or treating and has a very special coat for the occasion. By coincidence he won his competition on exactly the same day that we took him home from you 2 years ago!!

    Thankyou for a very special dog.

    Paula, Rob, Eleanor and Molly

  14. Just wanted to say a big thank you to Sandra who has given us an adorable puppy called Ernie. He is only just turned 8 weeks old and is already going outside to mess and knows the commands "in your bed"

    last night he slept from 11am- 6am

    so things going fine . He new older brothers are slowly getting use to him although more scared of him than anything.

    He has also just started barking when he wants something.

    Plenty of happy times ahead thank you again

    for a super little dog and in the words of our VET " what a lovely healthy puppy in excellent condition

    best wishes Brian,June,Basil,Willie and Little Ernie

  15. We can’t believe how fast time has gone with Bailey as he is 10 months tomorrow (born 13th Dec 2009) and we could not think of life without him he makes us laugh and is just a great character around the house we love him soo much we are thankful to you for giving us such a lovely dog

    Hollie x

  16. we love Bailey our cocker spaniel born

    24/12/09.we have taken him on holiday

    several times he loves the beach and the water.He is full of fun and trouble.

    He likes to be free and run around in the woods. He likes his big brother charlie who is a golden retriever.Thank

    you for our lovley dog.

    Lara penfold age 8.

  17. Sandra,

    We just wanted to say thank you SO much for your support and patience in our quest to find a puppy that Harry isn’t allergic to!

    It has been a bit of a rollercoaster for us but at least we have tried.

    Please keep us in mind if you ever have an older dog who needs a good home.

    Your dogs are an absolute credit to you and we’re gutted that we haven’t been able to have a puppy from you.

    Best wishes,

    Sharon, Nick, Josh & Harry x

  18. Monty is 3 today. I was listening to a program about the definition of happiness yesterday and in Monty’s case it’s definitely a yellow hoop and somebody willing to throw it for him! He’s learned lots of tricks this year and I’m hoping to start agility soon – not an old dog yet!! Best wishes to all at Kenalure – it’s nice to walk a dog that makes people smile!

  19. hi sandra, just a quick note to let you know that jasper has settled in really well he has made friends with our cat bitz.

  20. Hello Sandra

    A picture of Freddie ( Kenalure what a cracker ) enjoying the garden . Freddie will be 5 in December and still as mischievious as ever.

  21. Jasper

    Jasper is a Special Dog

    He is one year old today

    And likes nothing better than

    Going outside to play

    He came to us a bundle of fluff

    With a scrunched up little nose

    He has grown into a magnificent dog

    In the sun he likes to doze.

    He is so funny and makes us laugh

    An adventurer to boot

    He loves to run into the fields of corn

    His antics make us hoot.

    Jasper is a loving dog

    and gives affection freely

    He likes to be involved with us

    A constant companion.

    He loves to go on holiday to

    Experience new places

    He soon makes friends with lots of dogs

    and sometimes licks our faces!

    We wouldn’t be without him now

    He has enriched our lives

    Our family and friends all love him –

    Jasper is a very special dog.

  22. Hi Sandra

    We really can’t believe Leyla will be celebrating her first birthday on 11th August – the time has flown by. She has settled down really nicely now and is getting on very well with her good citizen awards at training classes. She’ll be taking her bronze and silver awards at the beginning of September. Thank you so much for giving us such a lovely dog – she brings us all so much fun and pleasure. Happy birthday also to Cleo and all Leyla’s brothers. 🙂

  23. Just thought I would send you a picture of Beau on her first birthday (24.07.10) playing with one of her pressies!(She also had a doggy cake!) We love her to bits and can’t imagine life without her now. Hope her siblings are doing OK, Poppy, Daisy, Rocky,Nelson? Just seen photos of Lily and Ollie’s new pups, georgous! All the best, Nicki

  24. I have been searching for a reputable cocker spaniel breeder, and i need look no futher, what a gorgeous website,your dedication and love for the breed pours out,absolutely stunning examples of the breed, you must be very proud of them all.

    Well done 🙂

  25. Dear Sandra,

    I have been meaning to contact you for a long time now. We were lucky enough to have a pup from you back in 2003 we took a black and white bitch. I just wanted to let you know Lilly is doing beautifully. She is the most beuatiful well natured dog anyone could ever wish for. She is cuddled up on my lap as I type as she just loves to be cuddled and to sit with me. She is wonderful with our #@*%! a truly wonderful dog that we cherish.

    I hope everything is going well with you and you family.

    Kindest Regards

    Vicky Young

  26. Hi Sandra

    just a quick update on Cooper. He is 13 months now and a fluffy bundle of energy. He loves chasing birds and bullying Oliver, but is so eager to please and follows me round like a shadow. Thank you for such a wonderful dog. Hope it won’t be too long before I’m able to bring home another kenalure baby.

  27. Hi Sandra Just to say Cleo is 11months old and is so like her dad Ollie.We have been so busy what with a wedding coming up plus sadly two close family bereavements. One only last Thursday. Cleo has turned out to be so loving and loves a cuddle. Has that naughty gleam in her eye tho. Loves her walks and holidays in motorhome. will try to send you some pics but not that good at it. Perhaps better to post some to you. Take care.x

  28. Hi Sandra

    This is just a note to let you know that Rufus who we had from you in December 2006 (DOB 4th Oct 2006) was taken very ill a few weeks ago and sadly on 1st July he had to be put to sleep. We are heartbroken but thankful for the 3.5 wonderful years he gave us. He was such a wonderful dog with a lovely temperament who had become protector of my 3 year old daughter who loved him to bits.

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