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  1. Happy Christmas and All the very Best for 2017.
    from Toffee born 2/12/14 and Cinder born 2/5/16.
    Both Cinder and Toffee are a credit to you and your line of cocker spaniels. They are the most obedient, faithful and loving dogs we have ever owned.
    Toffee was perfect on his first ever rally trial and Cinder has passed the Kennel club junior award and is now heading towards her bronze.

  2. Hi Sandra

    I haven’t spoken to you in a while so thought I’d give you a quick update! William turned 4 on 3rd December. He’s the most beautiful boy in the world, I tell him that every day! He’s got such a kind heart, gorgeous nature and of course, he’s a little stunner! I’m not sure what Daisy thinks really, she’s still a little indifferent towards him but would probably miss him if he wasn’t here. Daisy will be 11 next summer, where on earth has that time gone? She’s so well, very fit and healthy if a little grey around the edges but you don’t tend to notice that on an orange roan! I hope you and your family are well and still enjoying the incredible job that you do! Wishing you all a very happy Christmas from Daisy, William, Debi, Jay, Jess and Mia Adams. Xxx

  3. Hi Sandra, I can’t believe I’ve had Trixie for over 7 years. She’s been such an easy dog to have around, we all adore her. She will be 8 on 1-3-17! I hope all her siblings are having lovely lives as well. xxx

  4. I love to look at all the adorable puppies and dogs people like us have received from you and they all do you proud. We love our Toffee born 2/12/14 and Cinder born 2/5/16 absolutely loads and its great watching them grow, play and snuggle up together as other owners will testify.

  5. Hi Sandra

    I thought it would be nice to send you a quick line and tell you how adorable Rufus is! You have bred an A class puppy! He is so amazing. The most affectionate, loving little boy. Very friendly and playful with other dogs, very obedient, well behaved, clever and bright! I’m so proud of him. He is in great health so far and growing well. Not only is he healthy and happy he is extremely handsome and has bags of character!! Rufus the dufus is the current nik name!!
    You could use this as a testimonial to other puppy buyers and put on your website because I cannot sing my puppy’s praises enough!! Obviously I’m an extremely biased dog mum, of course, but I genuinely feel like I have invested in such an amazing pet! I just love him!!
    Thank you!
    Rachel & Tony

  6. Loving your updates so keep up the good work. Toffee (born 2/12/14) has just passed his silver award and is now heading towards gold. He is also loving rally work and is keeping me fit. Keep up the good work.

  7. Can’t believe our Darcy is nearly 2. Everyone still comments on her beautiful nature and we cannot thank you enough. An absolutely amazing dog. X

  8. Dear Kenalure,
    It’s hard to believe that little Teddy is now nearly two and a half. I wanted to let you know what a wonderful boy he has grown up to be. He is such an an important part of the family and an absolute joy. You couldn’t ask for a more affectionate and loving dog who enjoys life to the full. Thank you!! X

  9. Happy 3rd birthday to our frank and his brothers and sisters ! Frank is a lovely boy who loves his food, our bed and lots and lots of love and attention!! Thank you Sandra and all and kennalure for all that you do xxx

  10. A bit late but better late than never!
    We wish you all A Happy New Year! we hope you all have lots of Fun with your beautiful dogs.
    We had a few issues last year with our website and lost our Domain name but hopefully in time everyone will find our new one. We are still enjoying life with our dogs and will have some puppies coming a long for Spring 2016.
    Good Luck to you all and we wish you all the best for the future!
    Best Wishes
    Sandra, Mark and all at Kenalure Cocker Spaniels xxx

  11. It’s Bailey (7 yrs old) and Galaxy (6 months old), love them to bits, I am tempted to have another cocker spaniel but not at the moment, I am hoping to have orange roan puppy in future, many thanks Sandra, u r amazing breeder, will deffo buy another one when I am ready in future. Cocker Spaniels is my best dog breed as they are easy-going dogs and learnt real quick! Can’t live without them xxxx

  12. I cannot believe we have had Bella for nearly two years, she is a delight and full of fun.
    Thank you Sandra and Mark keep up the good work of breeding good puppies.

  13. Toffee born 02/12/15 growing into such a sturdy handsome boy. He is all of my dreams come true. Coming up to his first birthday and winning his Kennel Club Bronze obedience test on Saturday 28 Nov 15. Were now heading towards his Silver, and he is also participating in dog rally classes and is proving to be a very popular star he is so obedient. We always get comments on how handsome he is and I totally agree even though I am biased! Thank you so much Sandra for letting us purchase one of your special puppies. He has brought so much joy into our lives in such a short time. Hope his siblings are all Ok and you like Toffee,s photos.

  14. We’ve just collected a wonderful puppy from Sandra called Arabella .What a stunner ! She will join our two retired mums Lucy and Smartie who we also were lucky enough to get from kenalure over the years. Thank you Sandra for such amazing dogs , you should be very proud . My hat goes off to kenalure ……

  15. Happy birthday to all my brothers & sisters who will be 3 today especially Megan & Woody – hope you have all had some luvly presents like me I had a luvly new snuggly bed new toys & treats luv to you all – mommy & daddy say thank you Sandra for making them so happy with me xxxx

  16. Beautiful dogs. We are looking for an orange roan male after lost our beautiful Max of 14 years recently.

  17. Hi Sandra,

    I wanted to share our success with you, so here is a photo of myself and Rosie (Kenalure Climbing Rose dob 16/2/2009) competing in an Obedience Open Show on Saturday. We were placed 3rd in Pre-beginners & 5th in the Kennel Club Special Pre-beginners Stakes. Rosie loves both the training and competing. I have received lots of remarks about how friendly, happy and smart she is. We are so proud of Rosie. She has opened up a whole new world of friends and fun for me.

    Michelle, Neil & "Rosie"

  18. Nush is now 10 and still beautiful. She’s been with us for 5 years now. The best 5 years of my life so far with more to come. Thankyou for such a beautiful girl

  19. Hi Sandra and everyone at Kenalure

    I can’t believe Raggy (pup of Lizzie and Fudge) has just recently turned 6!!! He still loves his longs walks round the forests and he loves to investigate new places. The only difference is he is a really good boy now, just the odd bit of selective deafness, but other then that beautifully behaved. He is a real softie and loves nothing better then creeping up onto your lap for a cuddle. Thanks again for our lovely boy.

    Belinda, Ron, Jack and Tabitha 🙂

  20. Does anyone have any advise to travelling through Spain with a dog? Is it difficult to find dog friendly hotels etc… and to find a good vet to make sure we can come home!

  21. Hi Sandra, here is Herbie (he was Bramley but we changed his name) enjoying his first visit to the park with his cousin Rocco who my daughter got from you in 2005. Herbie has really settled in and is loving his new home. Thank you for a lovely cocker, we are so happy to have him.

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