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  1. Hiya Sandra and all at Kenalure!! We had Onyx and Opal off you in october 2006! Both born in August 2006, Onyx is pup of Georgie and Fudge, Opal is pup of Lizzie and Jack, how are they all?

    I am always visiting your website and love to read all the comments and check out all the photos, so here i am writing on the guestbook something i have been meaning to do for sooo long! Onyx and Opal are great we all love them too bits and don’t know what we would do without them, they are lovely company and in fact i have one laying on my stomach and the other onyx is laying across my legs whilst i am sat typing this, they are so loving and can’t thank you and their mums and dads enough. Sorry it has been so long, time flies and i can’t believe they are coming up to 4!! They follow each other around and are the best of friends! Did you ever recieve the christmas card we sent with them in their santa hats? I am now going to keep you up to date with them on here, thank you so much from The Wright family – Kim, Euan, Yazmin, Kieran, Corral, Onyx and Opal


  2. Hi Sandra,

    Just a quick note to let you know that Chip (Chocolate Blaize) is doing brilliantly and is now 6 months old! It’s gone so quickly. He’s such a fab little dog, growing every day and play fighting with his brother until its bed time. He is just so entertaining and a gteat addition. Would love to have another some day!!

    Take Care


  3. Hi Sandra

    Sorry for being so remiss in updating you regarding our beloved Charlie.

    He came home to us in February 2010 and has been simply a joy.

    He loves his brothers and has totally adopted the role in his life of chewing their ears, tails and feathers and giving them lots and lots of kisses.

    He is particularly fond of Dylan our rescue Spaniel and is "allowing" him to relive his puppyhood that he was never allowed (by the dreaded puppy farm) to have and it is heart rendering to see – but joyous as well.

    Many thanks again for allowing us to give a forever home to one of your beautiful puppies


    Pip, Nigel, toby, Jasper, Dylan & Charlie


  4. Hi Sandra,

    Just to let you know Alfie (Kenalure Chocolate Breeze) is 1 year old today.Doing great,loves playing with everyone,tries to steal the ball off local lads playing football.Chases pigeons & rabbits at our local country park.What a wonderful dog..Thankyou

    rgds Steve Johnson

  5. I can’t believe that Pippin is 2 years old today! I thought I would send a photo taken today on his birthday. As you can see, he is still a mischief but he is wonderful friend and companion and I love him to bits. Thanks Sandra.

    Love from Marion and Pippin

  6. Bailey says hello to Dino aswell.

    Just wanted to let you know that Bailey had one undescended testicle removed in January and made a speedy recovery too, after feeling very sorry for himself.

    He is back to normal now and getting up to mischief again.

    Hope my other brothers and sisters are keeping well too.

  7. Dino says hello to Lulu, Henry,Roxy,Bailey and Twix.

    Dino had an operation a few weeks ago to remove his undescended testicles. He is fully recovered now and back to his barking mad self. He still seems excited to be going to the vets even after having a big operation. The other day he managed to run from the garden and hurdle Tia our very large Golden Retriever who was standing at the back door looking out!

  8. Kirstie & Mark, thankyou for giving Pepsi such a loving home i know she was like your child and cannot imagine the pain you are feeling right now.

    I am thinking of you & Mark at this very sad time xxxxxxxxxxxx

  9. To all you dog lovers out there. This is Pepsi, one of the dogs from Sandra’s very first litter of pups. She became diabetic but we coped with it since last September. Unfortunately today we found that her kidneys weren’t coping too good with it and she had to be put to sleep. But we do know that we gave her a great home and that she was the best dog anyone could ask for !!!

  10. Hi Sandra

    Just wanted to share our news with you, Rosie (Kenalure Climbing Rose DOB 16/02/09) pasted her Kennel Club Bronze Good Citizen Award today and we are so proud of her. Also when we went to the vet for her annual booster the vet was very impressed with her wonderful temperament and wanted to know where we had got her from. 🙂 Michelle and Neil

  11. A brief update on Millie she is now 18 months and a great joy and so much fun. As a first dog I couldnt ask for better and I cant imagine not having her around. She loves her walks and would run all day throught the woods and fields if we left her. She loves going to puppy classes and meeting the other dogs. Hopefully we can get a another puppy to keep her company in the not too distant future.

  12. Hi Sandra

    Just a quick update. Evie is 15 weeks now, growing fast and keeping us busy. She is very bouncy during the day and quietens down in the evening for a snuggle. She is doing well with the walking (have attached a piccie of her very first walk). We have fallen in love with her very quickly and will keep you updated on her progress.


    Ruth x

  13. Dear Sandra, I don’t know if you remember me but you put me touch with Kerry about 6 weeks ago. We went and chose one of her 9 pups and have brought her home this weekend. She is a beautiful blue roan and we’ve called her Tilly. She has settled in so well and we can’t imagine being without her now. Thank you so much for putting me in touch with kerry – Harry and Lily produced some gorgeous puppies!

  14. Hi Sandra

    Just thought I would drop you a quick line to give you an update on Cooper. He is now nearly 10 months old and I cannot recall what life was like before him. Oliver loves him to bits and they play fight all the time and enjoy winding mummy up 🙂 Cooper has to always be up the front and centre of attention but most of the time Oliver is happy to let him. Although hard work sometimes, their little (or should I say big!) personalities and their funny little ways more than make up for it.

    Hope all is well with you.


  15. Just thought I’d send you this gorgeous photo of Louie. He’s doing so well and is such a wonderful dog. Thank you! All the best Rachel and Louie

  16. Hi Sandra just to let you know Missy is doing really well growing fast, she sleeps all night, training going very well. We all love her very much, she loves her walks loves her toys & is great fun, hope all is ok take care xx

  17. Hi Sandra, hope you are keeping well.

    Where has the year gone, Bailey is

    1 today and he has been spoilt rotten once again with lots of new pressies.

    Wishing Bailey’s brothers and sisters Lulu, Henry, Roxy, Dino and Twix a happy 1st birthday, hope you are all growing up nicely.

  18. Hi Sandra

    Bailey has settled in very well and already knows some tricks. He is very lively and a great character in our house. He has now made friends with Millie and they are playing happily together in the garden.

    Hope you are all well


  19. So our Casey is two today too! So happy birthday to Bailey, other Casey & the other siblings. Would love another one to keep her company as well though Casey certainly rules this household! Hope you are well Sandra From The Griffiths 😀

  20. Hi Sandra, how are you all? Bailey and Casey are 2 yrs old today, we love them to bits. No problems at all….Bailey is still very silly dog and made us laugh all the times. He now knows we are deaf…don’t bark if someone is at the door….he go forward and backward to let us know that someone at the door…clever dog….I’m thinking to have another one to keep bailey company. Do u have any more puppies available? Please let me know thanks.

    Love Donna & Boys xx

  21. To my Mum ‘Lizzie’, Happy Mothers day, Lots of love from your little girl Milly – Kenalure Dancing Queen xxx

  22. Hi Sandra, just thought I would drop you a little note to let you know that my darling Nush is still very happy and content, loving her walks everyday and is just a wonderfull part of our family. bless the day I bought herhome and not imagine being without her. Have been looking at your pictures and Ollie has grown to such a handsome young man and I love Teddy. There’s a beautiful girl on the owners page called Honey, she looks stunning. I love looking at your websiteand sonetimes dream of having aother one of your dogs, maybe one day I wll. All he best to you and yours.

    Nancy xxx

  23. Hi Sandra,

    Bailey has been on his best behaviour he slept from 9.00pm to 8.00am hoping it will last and not a one off!! 🙂

  24. Hi Sandra,

    Just a quick note to let you know that Jess now owns the house – she is fantastic. She has so much energy, is soooo funny and very, very cheeky I don’t know what we did with our time before we had her. Within the first week she was fetching her ball and sitting!! First walk out today and she loved it, no fear at all. Everyone adores her and I have had so many compliments about her – well done to you. We have nick named her "jessica chewit" – need say no more, never had so many teeth marks on my feet and hands. She is also still sleeping with us but will stay in her bed whilst I pop out shopping – she is our little darlin. Thankyou

  25. HI Sandra,

    Just thought I would send you a quick note to let know Honey is doing great!

    She loved our recent snow and loves playing chase!


  26. Hi Sandra, quick note to let you know how Trixie is doing. Her 1st birthday today. As you can see she still likes to get dirty, she thinks she should be working! I will send a decent picture eventually but she only stays clean briefly so will be summer before I can take a clean pic of her. She is an absolute delight to have. Love to all there.

  27. Hi Sandra, quick update on our Teddy, he is just an absolute darling, he sleeps well, eats well, doesnt mind being left for short periods, He’s cheeky and soooo funny, couldnt have wished for a better baby, He goes to daycare at mums if im working and has loads of fun with her dogs.

    We have taught him to sit and lie down and the gnashing has reduced since learning we can distract him quite quickly with treats and directions, the kids adore him.

    I must add your Teddy is looking very grand.

    Thankyou so much for such a fab lil chap.

    with best wishes

    Lucie & Family

  28. Hi Sandra,

    just wanted to thank you for giving us such a wonderful doggy. He’s fun and cute and so funny he makes us laugh out loud. He settles well, especially at night and doesn’t mind when we go out too much, as long as he has a lovely bone to chew. We love him! And even the cat doesn’t hate him anymore! 🙂

    Take care


    Deborah & Co.

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