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  1. Hi Sandra, just thought I would drop you a little note to let you know that my darling Nush is still very happy and content, loving her walks everyday and is just a wonderfull part of our family. bless the day I bought herhome and not imagine being without her. Have been looking at your pictures and Ollie has grown to such a handsome young man and I love Teddy. There’s a beautiful girl on the owners page called Honey, she looks stunning. I love looking at your websiteand sonetimes dream of having aother one of your dogs, maybe one day I wll. All he best to you and yours.

    Nancy xxx

  2. Hi Sandra,

    Bailey has been on his best behaviour he slept from 9.00pm to 8.00am hoping it will last and not a one off!! 🙂

  3. Hi Sandra,

    Just a quick note to let you know that Jess now owns the house – she is fantastic. She has so much energy, is soooo funny and very, very cheeky I don’t know what we did with our time before we had her. Within the first week she was fetching her ball and sitting!! First walk out today and she loved it, no fear at all. Everyone adores her and I have had so many compliments about her – well done to you. We have nick named her "jessica chewit" – need say no more, never had so many teeth marks on my feet and hands. She is also still sleeping with us but will stay in her bed whilst I pop out shopping – she is our little darlin. Thankyou

  4. HI Sandra,

    Just thought I would send you a quick note to let know Honey is doing great!

    She loved our recent snow and loves playing chase!


  5. Hi Sandra, quick note to let you know how Trixie is doing. Her 1st birthday today. As you can see she still likes to get dirty, she thinks she should be working! I will send a decent picture eventually but she only stays clean briefly so will be summer before I can take a clean pic of her. She is an absolute delight to have. Love to all there.

  6. Hi Sandra, quick update on our Teddy, he is just an absolute darling, he sleeps well, eats well, doesnt mind being left for short periods, He’s cheeky and soooo funny, couldnt have wished for a better baby, He goes to daycare at mums if im working and has loads of fun with her dogs.

    We have taught him to sit and lie down and the gnashing has reduced since learning we can distract him quite quickly with treats and directions, the kids adore him.

    I must add your Teddy is looking very grand.

    Thankyou so much for such a fab lil chap.

    with best wishes

    Lucie & Family

  7. Hi Sandra,

    just wanted to thank you for giving us such a wonderful doggy. He’s fun and cute and so funny he makes us laugh out loud. He settles well, especially at night and doesn’t mind when we go out too much, as long as he has a lovely bone to chew. We love him! And even the cat doesn’t hate him anymore! 🙂

    Take care


    Deborah & Co.

  8. Hi Sandra just wanted to say a big ‘thankyou’ and to let you know that Bonnie has settled in very well and has taken over the house. She is a lovely puppy full of mischeif but also a very good girl and we all adore her very much.


    Mandy Jones

  9. Hi Sandra!

    Evie seems to be settling in well. She is still a bit fretful when we leave her but she is getting into good habits and is so adorable to have in our household. We will keep you updated on her progress.



  10. Hi Sandra

    Can’t believe that Leyla is now 6 months old. She is getting along well now, always hungry and loves her food. She is doing very well at her dog training classes and will be taking her bronze award in the next few weeks. Good luck with your new puppy, Teddy – he looks lovely. Take care and thank you for our lovely dog. Dave & Wendy x 🙂

  11. Hi Sandra, just thought we’d let you know that Chip is settling in well. We love him to pieces, although he chews everything (especially fingers and toes) eats a lot and craves attention. He is such a fun loving puppy and will keep us very entertained.

    Thank you very much.

    Emma & Grant

  12. Sandra

    it was so nice seeing you today..the time went too quickly..hope you enjoyed seeing all the cockers..they loved seeing auntie sandra…

    and thanks for all the beautiful gifts..

    hope teddy settles well as i’m sure he will be like home from home for him..

    wished i lived i could pop around..hope he travelled well in the car too..

    keep in touch..

    much love your friend..and fellow mad only slightley obbessed cocker owner..terri and


  13. Hi Sandra

    Percy has been with us for 5 days now and we don’t know how we managed without a dog before. He is noisy, leads with his teeth, is very confident, and adorable. He must have been very happy and content for the first 8 weeks of his little life because he is a very happy and confident boy who knows when its time to eat!

    Thanks for everything.

    Ian and Clare

  14. hi sandra many thanks for putting me onto luclil cocker spaniels think i may have found the right breeder and ready for when we wantpuppy they sound lovely im sure your lovely looking ollie will produce some beautiful puppies many thanks you are very helpful helen

  15. Hi Sandra, Thanks as ever for your really good advice when needed. You always have a listening ear and are happy to help. Thanks again. It was much appreciated.

  16. Merry Xmas to all Kenalure Cockers and their families, thank you so much for all the wonderful cards and photos i have received over the past 2 weeks i love this time of year as it is the time of year when a lot of Kenalure Cockers owners update me on their progress. I hope you have all enjoyed the snow.

    Wishing you all a lovely xmas and a Happy New Year! xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  17. Toby from the dec 08 litter, has settled in really well,he also loves playing in the snow. He turns 1 today.

  18. Hi Sandra just to wish you all a merry xmas and new year.i have got Pheobe and Barnaby staying here with Marley and Lola(rotweiller)whilst Chris in hospital having her kidney transplant all going well so far.

    the brothers play fight all the time great to see. the girls are to much ladies to get involved, have all the family coming for xmas so will be busy… i hate mud and snow, which seems to attatch its self to spaniels, hope to see you in the new year. love to all the family

    Tina Masters and Chris Becker 🙂

  19. Hi Sandra

    Just wanted to let you know that Tag has settled in really well. He gets on really well with Saphie and they play all the time!! 🙂

    Hope you are all well

    The Hale Family.

  20. I forgot to add the picture a while back. This is Louie on his birthday (06.10.09) I really can’t believe he’s 7!! He still acts like a puppy a lot of the time. Hope you are well.

    Rachel & Louie

  21. Hi Sandra

    How are you all? Sorry haven’t been in touch with you since I had Bailey from you. I promise to come up to see you with Bailey, Bailey is the best dog we have had as he’s very good n very funny, we can’t live without him. Casey is fine, my dad told me he have training session to learn to stop from running off home without my dad as my dad is very worried about road which Casey didn’t realise lol, Casey loves to wind my dad up by going home without him knowing while he was in the park, I found it so funny, poor dad! Sorry about 2 puppies which you tried to save them, bless them, I know you are fantastic breeder I have seen, keep it up!!! xx

  22. Hi Sandra, Have been watching Zara’s progress and was sorry to see the sad news of the 2 lost puppies, but wish the best for mum and the 2 lil ones doing well. 🙂 Look forward to hearing from you when its our time. All the best Lucie xx

  23. hi sandra it’s laura again i just wanted to ask is fudge taken because we have one of his son’s and i have been begging my dad to gey another dog please email me back at 😉 thanks ohh and poppys is his mummy

  24. Hi Sandra,

    It will be 1 year this month since we took loopy louis home and I am pleased to say he is the best dog in the world!

    He has been brilliant with the #@*%! and is learning how to behave outside the school, everyone thinks he looks like a teddy bear, he get’s so much attention which of course he loves!

    Thankyou for a lovely fun dog.


  25. Hi Sandra Just to let you know that Cleo has settled well and now goes through the night. Only been just over a week but love her to bits. Will post some pics to you soon. Give her mum Sophie and dad Ollie big hug from Cleo and me. take care.x

  26. Hi

    Missed posting on Cassie(Kenalure chocolate cassie) 1st birthday as the pc was down.She is now just over two and what a great dog we have.So I must say many thanks to you.She is so much fun everywhere we go they say how lovly she is.My grandson think’s she is his own teddy bear.Chester our golden cocker and Alf his golden retriever just move out of his way.Cassie will play till they both fall asleep on the dog mat.

  27. Hi Sandra,

    Where has the time gone, Bailey is now 6 months. He is a great joy and the kids love him to bits. He has settled in really well and he couldn’t ask for a more loving home. What a wonderful dog but very much a mummy’s boy – the soft lad.

    Thank you for a lovely dog he’s a pleasure xx

  28. Hi this is laura Debbie’s daughter here it has been over 4years since i first meet the custest puppy in the world

    (we called him harvey) Harveys mum and dad are Poppy and Fudge ( thanks Poppy and Fudge)I got harvey for my birthday as as present (best present ever) harvey enjoys chasing our 2 cats and playing with his raggy! thanks to kenalure for one of your best dogs 😉

  29. Hi Sandra…Just a quick update on Alfie (Kenalure Chocolate Breeze).He has settled in well at his new home,I must say how much pleasure he is giving us.Had all his jabs now,and is going out on short walks,to break him in.He loves chasing the neighbours 2 cats,which keeps them away from the birds.Many thanks for a lovely natured dog.Will keep you updated on his progress.

    rgds..Steven Johnson

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