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  1. Happy 6th birthday to Toffee’s brothers and sisters. He’s enriched our lives and is our pride and joy.
    Nicole and Emily D.

  2. Our lovely frank is 7 today !!! ❤️
    (Kennalure faithful boy ) He is an absolute beauty with so much character ! He loves his bed , food and cuddles !
    Thank you Sandra for giving us such a bundle of joy and happy birthday to his brothers and sisters !!

  3. Our little Evie reached 10 this Christmas eve (born Kenalure Mistletoe Lady on 24th Dec 2009) She is still like a puppy and we love her to bits.

  4. Sandra,

    My Missy is fourteen and a half and Jasmine is ten. They are such treasures to me, Missy is nearing the end of her life but still happy and has so so much character. We so appreciate your work in breeding such lovely dogs.

    Best wishes,

    Hannah Ashworth

  5. Our gorgeous girl Lola is now 7 months. I can’t tell you how much joy she has brought to us – we love her so much and couldn’t imagine life without her.

  6. Hi, I’ve just been looking at your website as a friend has asked where we got our gorgeous Lexi from. Lexi will be 5 on October 24th. She is so full of character & has been a lovely pink addition to our predominantly male household 💕💕

  7. Hi Sandra,

    This is Phoebe. She is 14, born summer of ‘05. The best dog ever.

    Love her best friend,

  8. My beautiful Murray turned 7 yesterday. He was from your first litter of cockapoos. He is an absolute delight and we also as someone else had made a comment have had friends come to you and they have fallen in love with his amazing nature. Would love to meet any siblings from this litter.

  9. Hi Sandra

    I have a little message for your guestbook.

    Leyla was 10 yesterday. She was born on 11/08/2009. She is the most faithful and loving little friend one could ask for. She loves her walks in the woods and her food!! She celebrated her birthday with her favourite treat from the ice cream man xx

  10. Hi Sandra

    Just to let you know that Ellie (Kenalure Cocopops) is doing well. I can’t believe that she was 3 in February. She is a beautiful and very loving little Cocker. She totally dominates Alfie (our Border Collie) who will be 11 soon.

    She still has her weed pollen allergy every summer but it’s kept under control with hay fever tablets.

    Just thought that you might like a photo of her.

    Very best wishes

    Zoë and Kevin Porter


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  11. Lexi was from one of your first cockerpoo litters. She will be 7 years old in August. She is the most wonderful dog we could wish for. So loyal and loving, playful but incredibly calm and cuddly, everyone adores her! Two of our friends have been so smitten with our Lexi, they have gone to Kenalure to find their own new member of the family. Thank you for our dearest best friend!

  12. Belated happy birthday for 2nd May 2016 puppies from littermate Kenalure George Mustoe!
    Catch his antics on Facebook in the Kenalure Cockers Appreciation Society.

  13. Just scrolling through your website. We picked up our lovely cocker in September 2009. She was born on 24th July 2009 so will be 10 this year. We absolutely adore her. 💖 Love my beau xxx

  14. This is Trixie who was 10 on 1st March. She has been the most fantastic dog, no health problems at all. Can’t speak highly enough of your dogs, have met so many over the years too. She comes on holidays with us and enjoys rivers and lakes, especially if she can go on a boat.

  15. Little Bella is five today 23/2/19 happy birthday to all her siblings as well.
    Thank you Sandra and Mark for our beautiful dog.

  16. Happy 5th Birthday to Ellie and her two sisters, we certainly couldn’t wish for a sweeter more affectionate girl than her. Thanks to Sandra and of course her Mum Millie.

    Brenda and John Buckeridge

  17. Happy 6 th birthday to my frank and his brothers and sisters !!!
    He is such s lovely and funny boy ! Thank you Sandra he has brought so much happiness into our lives !! Xxx

  18. Hi,
    I’ve just had a look at all the dogs and can’t believe how gorgeous they all are. I thought I’d send you a picture of our Archie who is now 2yrs. Archie is just the best dog you could wish for, he is so friendly and has a fantastic temperament. Thank you so much for breeding such wonderful dogs.

  19. Love looking at all the lovely puppies, thought I’d send a photo of our Lottie who is now 5 , she is just the best dog , full of character and very loving , Kenalure certainly breed beautiful dogs !

  20. Alfie has settled really well into his new home and we couldn’t imagine life without him. Thank you Sandra, we were really happy to get him from such a reputable and trusted breeder.
    Alex and Kieran

  21. Hi Sandra,
    This is Toffee who will be 4 in May. He loves his daily walks in the countryside and has a fine nose for birds. He is very loving and we are very grateful to have him in our lives.
    Kind regards
    Nicole & Emily Daines

  22. Bella was four on 23/2/2018. What a lovely girl , thank you Sandra and Mark for my beautiful little girl . I cannot believe we have had her four years she is a delight and loved by everyone.
    Mary John

  23. Hello Sandra and family, this Carmen on her 8 th birthday June 9th smartie and Ollie were parents. Just like so many owners have said , Carmen is a wonderful little dog so loyal and well behaved wherever we go, people always stop and comment on her beautiful coat and colours. Thanks for our little friend couldn’t image life without her. 😀

  24. Hi Siblings born 2/5/16 hope you all had a happy birthday yesterday. After obedience training then going to the beach with my big brother Toffee born 2/12/14, He was a bit tired to play in the garden, but I was ready to go. It would be lovely to see some photos of you all as I miss you. Be happy, love Cinder xx

  25. Happy birthday Bella three today 23/2/2014
    Lovely girl and full of fun.
    Thank you Sandra for our beautiful dog

  26. Happy 1st birthday for tomorrow to my brothers and sisters. Love Charlie (the Huntingdon one!)

  27. Happy birthday to frank and his brothers and sisters !
    Can’t believe our little prince is 4 today . He has given us nothing but love and happiness since we collected him. Thank you and credit for all the lovely dogs you breed .xx

  28. Lottie born September 2013 , she is just the best dog , extremely loving and very loyal, really don’t know what I would do without her , my best friend! All your dogs look beautiful, keep up the good work .

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