Puppy Information

Bailey Kenalure Cockers

Kenalure Cockers are given their first vaccination before leaving for their new homes they are also given a full vet check and are microchipped.

Yes, all our puppies are examined by a vet prior to leaving for their new homes. Puppies are examined thoroughly, particular areas of examination are:

  • Teeth – to check the bite is correct (should be a scissor bite on a cocker spaniel)
  • Ears – to check for infection/ear mites
  • Mouth & Throat – to look for deformities
  • Hips- manipulation to check joints
  • Bottoms – the check for soiling (an indication of a possibly ill puppy)
  • Abdomen – to check for umbilical hernia & that organs are correctly placed
  • Legs & feet – to check all toes are present
  • Coat – to check for fleas
  • Respiration (using a stethascope) – listening for crackles (chest infection etc.)
  • Heart (using a stethascope) – listening for heart murmurs

The full health status of the puppy is declared to each owner, we ask that owners also ask their own vet to examine the puppy shortly after his/her arrival at his/her new home. Our Vet is always willing to discuss his examination with owners.

Please feel free to contact us for further information about puppies available/planned litters.