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  1. Hi Sandra, Just wanted to show you how much Duke has grown since we picked him up in June. He is a real character and has settled in as part of our family really well. Thankyou for getting us off to such a good start, he’s a real joy to be around and we wouldn’t be without him.

  2. Hi I have been looking through your beautiful cockers photo’s, I lost my 12 year old cocker 🙁 and soul mate, Rani-Tu, last December and my husband wants us to have another cocker now. I will be in touch with you, Lisa j.

  3. Sandra I have just spent the last few hours admiring your cockers and past puppies…..WOW!! I have never seen such healthy and beautiful cockers as yours. I hope to be the proud owner of one of your special puppies in the future as my young Collie adores Cockers!

  4. Hi, just a quick note to say that Smudge is now 1.75 yrs old and is a lovely boy, he is well behaved with a loving nature. Once I have worked out how to, I will post a photo for the gallery.

    Kind regards

    Andrew Birch 🙂

  5. Hi Sandra

    Leyla is 2 today!! How time flies. She has settled down well now and enjoys her training and agility classes. She gets on really well with one of our cats and loves everyone she meets. Happy birthday to Chloe and all her other brothers and sisters. 🙂

  6. Hi,

    Just a little update now Tizzy is coming up 16 weeks…She settled in so well and very quickly with us and the kids (not so much the cat!) and her tail is wagging constantly. Her personalty is superb and very naughty at times 🙂

    Thanks so much for all your help.


    Phil & Claire

  7. Hi Sandra,

    Cannot believe our ‘Prince’ is 1 today. He is such a wonderful, loving boy and would not be without him. So Happy Birthday to all Prince’s brothers and sisters who are 1 today. Mummy and Daddy are Lilly and Ollie. Thanks again Sandra Lots of love Dereen xx

  8. Rosie has settled in really well and we all adore her.She has been on her first picnic after being with us for 3 weeks. Many Thanks Sandra.

    The King Family 🙂

  9. Hi Sandra

    Well, Cooper turned 2yrs on the 8th and I can’t believe where the time has gone. Only seems like yesterday when I came to pick up this little bundle of fur. He is doing really well, gets on great with his two cocker brothers (Oliver 3yrs and Dylan 7months) and loves nothing more than chasing rabbits/squirrals/birds (well anything that moves really) over the downs or in the woods and then to snuggle up with mum (or rather on mum) at the end of the day. Always full of energy and can’t ever see him growing up. Couldn’t have asked for a more well behaved, loving dog. Hope all his brothers and sisters are doing well.

    Take care


  10. Hi Sandra.

    I thought I would send you a birthday picture of Pippin. He was three years old yesterday and what a total joy he is. I can’t believe it is three years since I first held that tiny little bundle in my arms.

    Greetings to you all and hopefully we can pop in to see you again soon.

    Love to all

    Marion and Pips

  11. Hi Sandra, Alfie will be 4 in June, son of Daisy and Fudge.A bit of a woolly mammoth at times 😀 as he is the only known blue roan and tan in the ipswich area he is well known and loved by everyone – a real credit to Kenalure xxx

  12. Hi Sandra

    Hope life finds you well. Raggy, son of Lizzie and Fudge, is celebrating his 4th birthday today! He’s had two slices of his football cake and a run to the park and is now fast asleep, he has had a great day. Thanks once again for such a well behaved, loving little boy, my kids adore him and cannot wait for him to jump up onto their beds to wake them up in the morning.

    Kind regards

    Belinda, Ron, Jack and Tabitha xx

  13. Dear Sandra

    We Just wanted to say thank you for giving us two lovely, bouncey, live and kicking cocker spaniels. Missy ( 4.5) and Jasmine (1.5) are a real joy and they now get on with each other well. Our lives would not be the same without them. 🙂

    Hannah and Peter Ashworth

  14. Hi Sandra finally managed to get all 3 of them together Tier, Alfie & Charlie all snuggled up by the fire after having a bath. Thanks for 3 beautiful cockers Love Jane, Don, Alfie, Tier & Charlie xxx

  15. Dear Sandra

    It’s Dexter’s first bithday today.

    It’s hard to believe that he is already a year old. He has grow up to be a handsome and healthy dog, and is a much loved member of our family … if not a little spoilt

    Sue and Steve

  16. We bought Bailey at christmas 2009 and he has been an evil boy to his 5 year old brother.I love him very much and im glad we bought him.right now hes sleepig and resting for a crazy morning tomorow.Sometimes he will give us a smile or a wink. 🙂 😉

  17. Hi Sandra,

    I have been meaning to email you for ages & ages. So as it is Darcy’s 3rd Birthday today, it seemed a good day to contact you.

    Yes i can’t believe Darcy is 3 today, she was a puppy out of Lara’s litter born 29.03.08. Well Sandra what can i say about her, apart from thank you so much for such a fantastic, beautiful, intelligent, entertaining, loveable bundle of fun. We could’nt have wished for a more perfect dog. She is brilliant, so of course very spoilt ha ha.

    I often have a little look on your website, especially the photo’s of all the other beautiful cocker’s that thier owners have sent in, i was going to attach a photo of Darcy for you but at the moment the computer does’nt want to comply, so i will keep this email short and tell you bit more about Darcy when i can send you a picture.

    I hope you and all your family are well, judging by your website you are still as busy as ever!!!!! will send you picture asap


    Karen (sellen)

    Lots of Luv Darcy XXXX

  18. Hi Sandra,

    Hope all is well your end.

    Can’t believe Bailey is 2 today. Wishing him a happy birthday, he is happily playing with his new presents. Spoilt rotten as usual, a very loving little boy, we love him to bits.

    Wishing Baileys brothers and sisters a happy 2nd birthday Lulu, Henry, Roxy, Dino and Twix, hope you are all well.

  19. Hi Sandra, our Casey is 3 today. Still full of mischief and still adorable! When the going gets tough, she will still steal a slipper or a sock & hope to get away with it. So happy birthday to all her brothers and sister. 😀 Hope all well with you. Love The Griffiths

  20. Hi Sandra,

    It was a year today that we brought Bailey home and how fast time goes, he has grown up so fast and we love his cheeky character round the house. Bailey has done so many things in the past year he now goes to agility on Sunday mornings which he loves (but always needs a bath afterwards as he gets soo dirty) and has passed his kennel club puppy award and now working towards his bronze award.


    Hollie, Tanya and Bailey xx

  21. Hi Sandra, Trixie (dad – Ozzy, mum – Poppy) was 2 yesterday, how time flies. She is doing really well and is so well behaved. Love to all there. xxx

  22. Hi Sandra,

    Just thought I’d let you know that Woody has settled in brilliantly. He is a little gem and gets on great with his brothers.

    Such a pleasure and credit to have 2 such lovely Cocker’s from you. We are always getting stopped and commented on for having such lovely dogs.

    Hope all the Kenalure gang are well.

    Take Care,


  23. Hello everyone

    First of all sorry that I write in this topic but I have some technical problem with the use of this forum. When I’m trying to enter in the appropriate topic, I received a 404 error It’s about the only topic in which I was able to enter. Do you have the same problems? What’s going on?

  24. Hi Sandra

    Well it was 5 year yesterday since we bought Freddy home. It’s hard to believe it was that long ago, it doesn’t seem 5 minutes since he was sitting in his food bowl at yours. He is the most amazing dog and if we could clone him we would like a shot. He is currently asleep on the sofa in the throw he slept in his first day home

  25. Evie our Blue Roan Cocker Spaniel was 1 on Christmas Eve (hence the name!). We are loving having her as part of our family and we are all enjoying walking her through the fields and woods. Her tail wags so much when she is off the lead, it’s a pleasure to watch!

    Happy New Year to all at Kenalure!

    The Regans

  26. Hello! Just thought we’d drop you a line for an update. Rufus has settled in really well and we can’t imagine life without him. He’s such a happy chappy and a fantastic member of the family. He’s utterly bonkers and he always knows how to give us a giggle! The training is going very well, he’s learning so fast and he loves new games. Thankyou so much for such a lovely chap! x

  27. Hi there. It’s Maudie’s FIFTH birthday today, and I know you would want to see how she is. Took this pic of her today. Hardly seems possible. All is well here with my beautiful, happy girl, as I hope it is with you and the family. I’m thrilled to see all the lovely Cockers on your website, and know that you’re still bringing such happiness to so many people with the fabulous Kenalure Cockers. Love to you all. Angie & Maud xxxxx

  28. Hope u had a nice Christmas and happy new year! Bailey loves his new toy ‘monkey’, he’s very wild and shake the monkey all the times with his mouth, so funny with his ears! We can’t live without him!! So are my parents with Casey too. Hoping to see you soon with our dogs xx

  29. Hi Sandra

    Its been almost 3 months since we brought Macy home and we are so happy to have her with us. We count ourself very lucky to have met you Sandra and to have been able to get a puppy from you. Macy is the most loveable, loving and good natured little girl and she brings us so much joy and pleasure every day.

    We weren’t ever going to have another dog after our much loved Yorkshire Terrier Bubbles died 5 years ago because loosing him had been so painful for us and we felt that no other dog could ever replace him … well Maria and I are so happy that we changed our mind and got Macy from you. Although she has not replaced Bubbles she is very special in her own right and we love her just as much as we did Bubbles. She has brought so much joy and happiness to our lives already, we know we did the right thing and we know Bubbles is looking down on us and is happy for Macy to be with us… we have a feeling the two of them would have liked eachother and got on really well..:-).

    Thank you for giving us this beautiful little girl … We hope to visit you soon .

    Stefan, Maria & Macy

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