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  1. Hi Sandra. Just to let you know that Alfie has settled in well. He loves our cat Spencer and insists on giving him a good licking! He has learned lots of tricks over the past couple of months. He really is a bright and happy puppy. Thank you again for our bundle of fun!

    Laura and Jonathan

  2. Hi Sandra. At last I’ve got round to leaving a message! Oscar is growing rapidly and settling in really well. He is a confident boy and LOVES meeting lots of new people! He comes into school with me and the children love him. His only fault is that he still wakes up in the night! i will post a picture as soon as I get them loaded on the computer.

  3. Hi Sandra,

    Thought you might like to see a picture of Ruby now at six months old. She is a lovely dog and gets a lot of attention from everyone!!

  4. Hi Sandra, finally got round to signing the guest book. Chloe and Mary are really settled now. In the picture they are having a rest after walking up a very long, steep hill whilst on their holidays in Cornwall. I’m sure you will be pleased to know they were as good as gold during the 7 hour car journey to Cornwall. PS: Mary really loved the sea but Chloe just sat there barking at the waves.


  5. Hi Sandra just to let you know Alfie’s doing great just had his 2nd birthday, still teaching Charlie a few tricks post some more pictures soon 🙂

  6. Hi, I’m Rebekah’s mate! 😀 😀 Love Your Site And All Your Dogs They’re So Sweet! 🙂 Hehe! Magic Is The Cutest Dog Ever! Bless Him! x Take Care! xx

  7. I tell you what Pippo has got the whole puppy thing mastered. He has almost cracked the house training, knows how to take his owner for a walk and can even be seen as guest star on Myspace – check it out! forward slash 83841998

    Frankly, I think he outdoes most of the dogs on there – of which there are many!

  8. Milly is such a joy, she’s just had a holiday in Cornwall – loves the beach and water. She is about to be 17 weeks old. She is not afraid of anything, we have extensive building works going on, she loves everyone. We all love her to bits. Thank you for our little bundle of joy – Sandra

  9. Hi Sandra! Thought u might like to see some updated pictures of Gypsy and Lacy! They’re growing fast, and are loved by everybody they meet (they love people and all the fuss they’re given!) They’ve just come back from a weekend caravaning holiday in the country which they enjoyed very much! Thank u so much for such beautifully behaved dogs:)

    love all the Bryant family (and of course the pups as well)

  10. Hello Sandra and family,

    Sprokkel recently braved the four hour trip to mid-Wales and spent a few days walking, swimming and resting with us in dog-friendly B&Bs!

    He’s at ease with cars, new territories and makes friends wherever we travel, but he equally loves to walk all the children in the neighbourhood every day and chase tennis balls on the local football pitch! After nine months he’s definitely getting into his teenage years :p

    Hope all is well at Kenalure!

    All the best!

  11. To Sandra,

    Just a update on Louis(Kenalure Ginger nut). Louis was 1 on the 29th June and the year has gone so fast! as you can see he is a very handsome puppy. Everybody ahhhs him when he goes on his walks. he settled in very well but he is quite cheeky, naughty and often running off with anything he can get hold of. we went to puppy training classes and he will do lots of tricks – but only when he wants to. If he thinks we are going out, we’ve got no chance! Louis had his first hair cut just recently and at first we didn’t like it, but he badly needed a tidy up as he was getting to look like a lion. Louis is very special and we love him to bits!!!

  12. Hi Auntie Sandra

    Just thought i would let you know that i am ok and still loving my new home. Mummy and Daddy have just bought me a brand new house to live in so i’m packing my bags ready for December lol

    I have been for lots of swims and i love it. I have also just come back from my first holiday, we went to Scotland for mummy and daddy’s wedding, and it was lovely, i got lots of attention and cuddles. Love Freddy xxx p.s here is a picture of me with the cone i found.

  13. Hello everyone,

    I have just come back from another holiday in Wales. This is me swimming. It was great fun and really helped to keep me cool in the hot weather.

    It is my first birthday next week. I hope I will get a nice present.

    Lots of love to my Mum and brother and sisters.


  14. Hi Sandra

    KoKo is enjoying life to the full, as you can see! She went for her first hair cut last week so is a little less fluffy now. She’s keeping us on our toes, but we are having lots of fun.

    Camilla, Simon and KoKo

  15. hi sandra, just thought you’d like to see some pictures of Gypsy and Lacy! although they’ve only been with us for coming up to 4 weeks, they’re growing massively in that time, especially Gypsy, and no matter how much Lacy tries to catch up, she never seems to be able to! Both have settled in so well, and we already see their big personalities- Gypsy is the mischievous one and definitely the boss of Lacy, but as you predicted, Lacy gives as good as she gets! Lacy is the soppy affectionate one, and everytime someone comes to visit she instantly rolls on to her back to get her tummy tickled whilst making everyone fall in love with her by staring at them with those beautiful green eyes! (even the vet didnt want to let her leave!) Thank you so much for them, they already feel like part of the family 🙂

    (the first picture i’ve attached was taken a couple of weeks ago of Lacy, so she’s bigger now, along with Gypsy, but i thought this picture was so beautiful i had to choose it!) Kind regards, Zoe x

  16. Hi Sandra, Poppy is 2 today and so I thought we would send you a new pic. Here she is sporting her England scarf! Soon after which she chewed to bits, not the only one I am sure!!

  17. Hi Auntie Sandra, Mum & Dad. I’ve grown so much, and will be 6 months old on the 8th of July. I love my new home and my mummy. I’ve been teething, but have been a good girl and spat all my ickle teeth out at mummy. Having my first haircut next Monday. I get up to all sorts of pranks, and now weigh 7.8 kilos. Please tell mummy and daddy that I think of them often, and hope they’re missing me loads. And my bruvvers and sisters too. I hope they’re as happy as I am. Oh yes, mummy says to tell you that I passed my Kennel Club Puppy Foundation Exam, and that we go training every Sunday morning. I don’t always do what they tell me, but it’s a real giggle. :rolleyes: Love you all. Maud Earl (and mummy) xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  18. Hi,

    My name is Barney and I would just like to say what a fit looking team the Kenalure Kickers are! I love a kick around with a ball, but I am just recovering from a nasty ear infection, and would love to join the team in support of our country. My fitness should soon be A1, so would you please consider me as a striker for your team? I would love to give Holly a run around the pitch, she looks very pretty!!

    Can I just say hi to you Sandra too. I must tell you that my mum sent me off for a groom the other day, and i know you are going to laugh at this, but the lady shaved my head!! In 7 years this has never happened, you would never make this mistake. So, I look a little sad, but my mum says it will grow. She looked sadder than me when I got home, but in this weather it does keep me cool, if not cute! Great site to see all your crew, look forward to reading more, Barney xx

  19. Hi,

    >Bit different from the normal match report! but following Englands opener this weekend, the Kenulure Kickers thought that they would field a number of hopefuls should the call come to assist in the pursuit of the World Cup.


    >Our Cocker Spaniel, Holly – the black & tan puppy, has a particular gift for close marking, but all players are match fit, and eager to play, all with a perchant for close ball control, including fetch and carry.


    >All players are locally bred, from March breeder Mrs Sandra Billimore.



    >Tracey & Kieron Thorpe

  20. Hi Sandra, just to let you know that Charlie, formerly known as Diesel!, is doing fine. Both he and Alfie are biting dad very nicely thank you, and Alfie is learning Charlie the art of being mischievous!! Seriously, both Alfie and Charlie are lovely and we have had so many people comment on Alfie’s poise and demeanour… and I have to say that he is without doubt one of the nicest looking Cockers I have ever seen. Charlie is changing every day, Alfie has helped rough him up a bit, and he stands his ground and gives as good as he gets. His bark is already getting deeper and his bite stronger…. and very sharp 😀 .

    Alfie is having a trim on Sunday so I’ll post a picture of them soon. Until then, thanks again for 2 beautiful dogs. Best regards, Don.

  21. Hi, Sandra just to let you know i’m settling in really well with my new family,just a few teething problems, mom and dad are thinking about getting me a playmate.Hope to see you soon love Alfie, Mom and Dad. I’ll get mom to send pics later xxx

  22. hi sandra, this is hannah (alisons daughter) i was just showing some friends your website to give them an idea of what charlie will look like when she’s older. she’s doing fine and everyone who’s seen her thinks she’s wonderful. thanks so much

    hannah 🙂

  23. Dear Sandra,

    Just to say thank you again for letting us have one of your beautiful Golden retriever puppies. Freddie has settled in brilliantly and is now well and truly part of the family. He has a best friend who taught him to swim the other day. He is now huge compared to when we got him but is well behaved and has finished his puppy classes. We must send you a photo of him- we think he looks just like Sasha.With best wishes Lucy

  24. Hi Sandra.

    Sorry we have not contacted you earlier but we have been so busy with pepsi. He is absolutely gorgeous and although he has been exhausting at times it has all been worth it.We never go on a walk without being stopped on numerous occasions by people commenting on how cute he is and the lovely colourings he has.Thank you so much for being so approachable at all times. You made me feel so at ease when buying him and answered every one of my thousand and one questions with such enthusiasm and patience. Will send some pictures soon.

  25. hi sandra.


    just wanted to say hi.

    sandra, great website, and your a top breeder of stunning cocker spaniel puppies.all your puppies & dogs are a credit to you.

    speak soon

    terri & all the cockers.

    xxxxxxxx 😀

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