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  1. Hi Sandra and all at Kenalure

    It’s Maudie’s first Christmas, and she’ll be a year old in January. She’s grown into the most beautiful young lady, and we both want to send love to mum & dad (Smartie and Fudge) and to Maudie’s brothers and sisters.

    People still stop us every day to admire her beautiful colouring. Her gentleness, fun, and daft antics will be well understood by other Cocker keepers/lovers.

    Thank you Sandra, for bringing this beautiful, gentle girl into my life. She remains a testimony to your selective breeding, and the nurturing and love she received during those first few weeks in Cambridge.

    All our love to you, Smartie & Fudge, the Cockers (and of course the family!). If anyone is thinking of getting a Cocker, THIS IS THE PLACE TO GO!!

    Angie & Maud


  2. Hi Sandra,

    Just to let you know Holly and Woody are doing fine, Holly was 1 last week and likes being brushed and pampered like the diva she is. While woody runs a mile and likes rolling in anything nasty, when he is not eating everything he can see. Thanks for giving us such lovely dogs, they are my babies. Have a great Xmas and New Year. Mandy & Andy xx :p

  3. Hi Sandra,

    Just to wish you all a merry xmas & a happy new year!! Archie’s first xmas is going to really special. Can’t believe he’s 4mths already he has grown so much. Mine you he eats anything that isn’t nailed down so that’s probably why!! He brings us so much love joy & happiness.

  4. Hi just wanted to wish everyone a Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year,I hope all Kenalure Cockers are enjoying life in their new homes and i am sure you are all eager to unwrap your pressies under the xmas tree,thats if you havent helped yourself already! 😉

    Dont forget not to much Turkey!



    Sandra and all at Kenalure

  5. hi sandra and family and all at kenalure cockers.

    we at jarbaha just wanted to wish you all a merry christmas-2006 and a very happy new year-2007.

    no doubt we will speak soon.


    terri,malcolm and cockers

    x x xxxxxxx 🙂

  6. hellloooo Mrs Bill’ its joely (beckys friend) i helped you with the puppys one time and i thought it tiddled down my leg! haha! 🙂 well i will hope to see you some time when beck invites me!! Bye bye mommy billimore!!!! xx

  7. Hi Sandra,

    Millie is fantastic and we love her to bits – even when she’s being a menace 😀 As you can see frm the pic she loves the park especially now when she gets all muddy. We think she looks a lot like Fudge, hope all your other doggies are doing well!


  8. :p

    Hi Sandra. Just to let you know that Molly J (now almost 18 months old!) is doing really well, and is gorgeous of course. She is very sociable, loves all people and dogs, and can’t bear to miss anything so follows me around like a little shadow. The only danger is being licked to death! She keeps me smiling, I don’t know what I would do without her x thank you

  9. Hello Sandra,

    Sprokkel is now 13 months old, becoming a proper family dog and accepting his important role as a member of our family. We are so proud of him, he brightens everyone’s day and makes for unforgettable memories!

    We thank you so much.

  10. Hiya! can i just ask how you go about buying your puppies? because i think they are the most adorable puppies and would love to have one for myself!could you give me the details on how to buy on of the puppies for sale? it would be very much appreciated! thanks. 🙂

  11. hello sandra this is rachel rigbys owner just to say he is doing fine and is growing fast he is having his hair cut this week so i will send you a picture thankyou so much for such a wonderful dog say hello to jack and sophie if shes still there have you heard anything about charlie? :rolleyes: 😉 :p 😀 😀 😀

  12. Little miss innocent (NOT!)

    and I hadn’t even read it.

    Just to let you know that Pepsi is doing great. She is a real joy and everyone thinks she is gorgeous. I can see us returning in the not too distant future for a companion.

    Thanks for a little star.

    Brian and Jo

  13. Hi sandra.

    Benji is 5 months old now and is growing bigger and bigger every day. He is crazy but also adorable. I get stopped in the street every day over people saying how beautiful he is! 🙂

    I have attached a recent picture of him to show you how big he is getting!

    Love from Sophie

  14. Hi Sandra, Jezebel is now 2 and still as mental as ever, esp. during the squirrel season. She has taken to sitting in the window when I am working upstairs. Hope all your dogs are doing well.

    Trish and Jezebel 🙂

  15. Hi Sandra. Just to let you know that Alfie has settled in well. He loves our cat Spencer and insists on giving him a good licking! He has learned lots of tricks over the past couple of months. He really is a bright and happy puppy. Thank you again for our bundle of fun!

    Laura and Jonathan

  16. Hi Sandra. At last I’ve got round to leaving a message! Oscar is growing rapidly and settling in really well. He is a confident boy and LOVES meeting lots of new people! He comes into school with me and the children love him. His only fault is that he still wakes up in the night! i will post a picture as soon as I get them loaded on the computer.

  17. Hi Sandra,

    Thought you might like to see a picture of Ruby now at six months old. She is a lovely dog and gets a lot of attention from everyone!!

  18. Hi Sandra, finally got round to signing the guest book. Chloe and Mary are really settled now. In the picture they are having a rest after walking up a very long, steep hill whilst on their holidays in Cornwall. I’m sure you will be pleased to know they were as good as gold during the 7 hour car journey to Cornwall. PS: Mary really loved the sea but Chloe just sat there barking at the waves.


  19. Tilly (was Ruby) is doing well and has settled in well, she gets more energetic and curious by the day!

  20. Hi Sandra just to let you know Alfie’s doing great just had his 2nd birthday, still teaching Charlie a few tricks post some more pictures soon 🙂

  21. Hi, I’m Rebekah’s mate! 😀 😀 Love Your Site And All Your Dogs They’re So Sweet! 🙂 Hehe! Magic Is The Cutest Dog Ever! Bless Him! x Take Care! xx

  22. I tell you what Pippo has got the whole puppy thing mastered. He has almost cracked the house training, knows how to take his owner for a walk and can even be seen as guest star on Myspace – check it out! forward slash 83841998

    Frankly, I think he outdoes most of the dogs on there – of which there are many!

  23. Milly is such a joy, she’s just had a holiday in Cornwall – loves the beach and water. She is about to be 17 weeks old. She is not afraid of anything, we have extensive building works going on, she loves everyone. We all love her to bits. Thank you for our little bundle of joy – Sandra

  24. Hi Sandra! Thought u might like to see some updated pictures of Gypsy and Lacy! They’re growing fast, and are loved by everybody they meet (they love people and all the fuss they’re given!) They’ve just come back from a weekend caravaning holiday in the country which they enjoyed very much! Thank u so much for such beautifully behaved dogs:)

    love all the Bryant family (and of course the pups as well)

  25. Hello Sandra and family,

    Sprokkel recently braved the four hour trip to mid-Wales and spent a few days walking, swimming and resting with us in dog-friendly B&Bs!

    He’s at ease with cars, new territories and makes friends wherever we travel, but he equally loves to walk all the children in the neighbourhood every day and chase tennis balls on the local football pitch! After nine months he’s definitely getting into his teenage years :p

    Hope all is well at Kenalure!

    All the best!

  26. To Sandra,

    Just a update on Louis(Kenalure Ginger nut). Louis was 1 on the 29th June and the year has gone so fast! as you can see he is a very handsome puppy. Everybody ahhhs him when he goes on his walks. he settled in very well but he is quite cheeky, naughty and often running off with anything he can get hold of. we went to puppy training classes and he will do lots of tricks – but only when he wants to. If he thinks we are going out, we’ve got no chance! Louis had his first hair cut just recently and at first we didn’t like it, but he badly needed a tidy up as he was getting to look like a lion. Louis is very special and we love him to bits!!!

  27. Hi Auntie Sandra

    Just thought i would let you know that i am ok and still loving my new home. Mummy and Daddy have just bought me a brand new house to live in so i’m packing my bags ready for December lol

    I have been for lots of swims and i love it. I have also just come back from my first holiday, we went to Scotland for mummy and daddy’s wedding, and it was lovely, i got lots of attention and cuddles. Love Freddy xxx p.s here is a picture of me with the cone i found.

  28. Hello everyone,

    I have just come back from another holiday in Wales. This is me swimming. It was great fun and really helped to keep me cool in the hot weather.

    It is my first birthday next week. I hope I will get a nice present.

    Lots of love to my Mum and brother and sisters.


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