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  1. Hi Sandra,

    Basil nearly two now, still thinks he is a baby! He is wonderful everyone loves him and he knows it! Have finally decided that his crazy hair has to go for his own good, so first trip to hair dressers tommorrow, poor Basil!

    Hope you’re ok, thanks for a wonderful dog.

    Jo xxx

  2. Hi Sandra, thanks for letting us come and see you again on Wednesday. Photo of mum and puppies now on the fridge door… keep saying hello snd goodnight to "george". We can’t wait for June to arrive when we can show george his new home. Sourcing toys and hot waterbottles as we speak.

    See you agsin soon Tricia.

  3. Picked Harvey up on Saturday, he’s being really good apart from the toilet bit! I wondered if he was brother to Rigby as we picked him upon 15th April and he was last to be collected from the litter?

  4. Hi Sandra,

    Hope all is well with you. Poppy is approaching two years old and is still as lively as ever! We have just returned from the coast where she has perfected her doggy paddle! A lovely little dog who loves life.. Tempted to get her a little play mate!


  5. Hi Sandra,

    I have just come back from my first caravan holiday in Wales. I had to do lots and lots of walking up steep mountains. Here is a picture of me relaxing after a hard day’s walk. I have had a lovely time and looking forward to going again soon.

    Give my love to my Mum Claira and my sister Lady.

    XX George

  6. Rigby has just got home and has setled in great and smoothly.

    the ride home was ok nothin happened but as soon as we got home rigby ruined the carpet if you know what i mean 😮 but he has had a couple of naps and we have managed to get him going to the loo outside but still alot of work to do

    thankyou so much

    rachel robin morgan mandy and dave powell plus rigby 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

  7. Hi Sandra,

    Well, this is the start of Maud’s 4th week in her new home. What a beautiful girl with such a lovely temperament. Bright as a button, with a lovely sense of humour too. Went to her first puppy party on Tuesday, and she bit the bums and willies of all the other puppies there lol! Wonderful to see her character unfolding day by day. Thank you a million times for breeding such wonderful dogs. Her well balanced nature is due in no small part to the way she was reared by you and the family in her first 8 weeks. She grows more beautiful every day. This is THE breeder if you’re thinking of getting a Cocker. Luvs ya Sandra (and loads of kisses from Maudie to you, Smartie, Fudge and the family xxxxx

  8. This is Marcie & Archie, They are both brilliant puppies and Sandra is a 1st class breeder. I would recommend her to anyone thinking of buying a cocker spaniel.

  9. Hi Sandra

    Freddie has settled into his new home very well and is very energetic and loving , everyone says he is a beautiful dog . Will post some photos soon.


  10. Hi Sandra

    Just to say that Alfie has settled in really well, he has brought us so much Pleasure Love & Laughs already. Thank you so much!!

    Love Des & Pauline

    xxxand a special one from Afie XX

  11. Hi Sandra, You website is great. We have heard that cocker spaniels are a lovely dog to have and are good with children.Could you please e-mai me when you next have a litter and a price for rth epuppies please. many thanks maxine 🙂

  12. Hi

    Can I just say what lovely dogs you have. What a credit they must be to you. 😀 They all look so relaxed. I’d be intrested to know further what colours you breed and when you next have a litter as it dosen’t actually say on your website.

    Good Lick for the future.

    I think I may just drop you a e-mail 🙂

  13. Hi Sandra

    I just wanted to say thankyou for my gorgeous little puppy who i’ve called Rocco. He has settled in well and already loves to be pampered. You have lovely dogs that produce beautiful puppies, everybody is saying rocco is very content and laid back and of course cute!! I see what you mean about him and leaves, he loves to get them. I will put up pictures soon.

    Lisa 🙂 🙂 🙂

  14. Hi, me and my sister really really want a cocker spaniel but our mum and dad won’t let us!! 😡 We have been try to persuade then for about 4 years and lately my mum has been showing a little more interest, so theres hope for us yet !! 🙂 🙂

    I love you site 🙂

  15. Hi sandra

    Just to say thanks for such a lovely little puppy, he has settled in really well and we love him to bits. Go to the link to keep updated with pictures

    Gill and Dan

  16. Hi Sandra,

    Finally I am able to send you a recent picture of Bo who is now 20 months and absolutely adorable.

    Hope you are all well


  17. Just a short update on George. This is a photo taken last weekend. Does’nt he look grown up. Quite the young man. We cannot go for a walk without people stopping us to ask about him.

  18. Hi Sandra

    Just an update to let you know that Poppy is doing brilliantly. She is the most gorgeous, soppy dog and her temperament cannot be faulted.Despite several items of furniture having had the ‘Poppy’ touch (teeth marks give character!)we love her to bits and wouldn’t be without her for the world. Keep up the good work!!

    The Joneses 🙂

  19. Dear Sandra,

    Just to let you know that Holly has settled in well, she is gorgeous and starting to let us know who is the boss! Thank you so much for all your help and giving us such a lovely dog. Will send pictures asap.

    Mandy & family 😉

  20. Hi Sandra,

    Rolo is one today! he is being really good and we love having him with us, he is a real treat! Lewis and Harvey love walking him!

    Best wishes,

    Lewis and Harvey

  21. hi sandra 🙂

    here is mazie. she looks more like her mum -( trixie ) everyday.

    your a great friend, and our dogs mean the world to us, all thanks to you, your a great breeder . and produce stunning puppies .

    speak soon


    and cockers xxxxxxxxxx

  22. This is our gorgeous Tilly she is one today. Sandra thank you so much she is the best. We may be looking for a brother or sister in the future. 🙂

  23. Hello, Thank you very much for dedicating your time to have a space for our lovely dogs, I have my little Spaniel called Paquito, he is just 5 months in this picture, he is now 7 months and very playfull and funny. is nice to find a place to share the love for our lovely dogs.

  24. Hi Sandra,

    Here’s Millie in our new house looking all fuzzy with her puppy hair – we have since had her trimmed & she looks!

    We’re now close to a lovely big park where she loves to go to bark at the ducks & get really muddy!

    She’s got such a fantastic cheeky little personality that’s really shining through now that she’s growing up, we can’t imagine being without her!

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