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  1. Just thought I’d send a picture of Kenalure Ebony Pricesses Son Cosmo (Jarbaha Midnight Magik.

    Thanks Tilly for producing such beautiful offspring.

  2. Hi Sandra

    Hope you are all well. Thought we would just post a photo of Freddy and to let you know he is our little star, he is very grown up now and very settled in the new house. We will be over to see you all soon and hope to get a photo of freddy and his beautiful mum 🙂

  3. My husband supprised me with Snoop (Kenalure Blue Rusty) a week before Christmas 06, he is now 6 months and we don’t know what we ever did without him, I don’t think i have ever met a nicer dog he is a pleasure to have as part of our family. Many thanks

  4. Hi!!

    Just a quick pic of Hessy.He is now 14 months old now,he a big boy.Hessy was from your first litter,he doing really well.


  5. Excellent site, the pictures are gorgeous!

    I would love to make an addition to my family with a beautiful Kenalure pup!

    All the messages are a real tribute to you Sandra, well done, keep up the good work with such stunning cockers!


  6. 😀 Hi Sandra

    On Monday 09th April we took Polly to the beach at Frinton. She loved it so much because she was playing in the sea and then on the sand with the ball and frisbe and the other cocker spaniels, there were so many other cocker spaniels there aswell.

    Polly is such great fun and a joy for the whole family. Thank you once again from Hillary, Alan and James!


  7. What a wonderful site, the testaments of purchasers and the beautiful pictures are a credit to you. I have a wonderful 14year old black and white cocker Tessie that we all treasure dearly. My best wishes to you all.

  8. hello,

    i thought i would send a picture of Rigby as it was 1 year on Easter from when we got him! 🙂 🙂 🙂

    the picture is the first time he went in the sea in wales.

    Thankyou for such a wonderful puppy i recommend her to anyone looking for a dog the dogs are calm friendly and beautiful. ***** five stars

  9. This is Ruby today on her 1st Birthday, enjoying chewing her present! We’re all really looking forward to collecting Ruby’s new friend next Saturday.

  10. Hi Sandra, just to let you know Charlie’s ONE today & doing great as you can see getting on well with Alfie. Thankyou for our two wonderful boys. Jane,Don,Alfie & Charlie xx 🙂 🙂

  11. Hi

    You have a really cute site and i an getting a puppy off of you and i cant wait!

    from Taryn Nicholson.

    the puppies and dogs are so cute i love them but i can’t get one because i have 2 cats!!!

    from georgie fletcher

  12. Sally has been home for a week and has been brilliant her personality is really coming out. She is very playful and loves playing with our rabbit. No sleepless nights as yet!!!

    Thanks for our lovely puppy Sandra.

  13. really enjoyed looking at your site, what beautiful cockers and unusual colours I especially like the tri-coloured. We have two cockers Rosie 5 and Lilly 11months. Good luck with your shows.

  14. Hi just trying to put this picture of Bella & Tess on as it disappeared from my original message.Fingers crossed 😎

  15. Hello Sandra

    Thought I would try to post a piccie of Bella & Tess – we brought Bella from you 3years ago on Mothers day -it does not seem that long! As with all your dogs,Bella is a joy to own and I would recommend you to anyone looking for a cocker.Many thanks again.

    P.S.Hope you enjoyed Crufts !

  16. Hey sandra!

    This is amanadas daughter, sorry its been so long but i thought youd might liek to know how Tilly is doing! (she was 1 years old when you sold her)

    Well shes been spayed now, turns out she is alergic to gluten but thats ok because she fits in were all fusy eaters 😉 Mum uses it as a excuse to spoil with her, she eats alot better than we do! Weve got her perfectly housetrained now ofcourse and shes taken to house life really well. Her confidence is good though shes still a little wary of strangers (espicially men, good girl!).Her personality has completly overturned shes so outgoing and happy. Shes good with other dogs and loves playing alot.

    Hopefully if i can find my converter il send you my pictures off my mobile to you soon 🙂

    Thankyou ever so much for giving us such a sweet dog!


  17. Hi,

    Martha has now settled in (6 1/2 months old! – Mum: Georgie) and seems to be taking over – the exuberance of youth!!! She is a truly beautiful dog with a larger than life character….but we still love her!!! (will post a pic soon – when she sits still!)

    Hope all Martha’s brothers and sisters are all doing well and would love to hear any news.

    Best Wishes

    Matthew, Caroline, Hannah & Jack

  18. Hi Sandra, Fudge and Trixie, Fraser just wanted to say hello, as you can see both he and his best buddy George absolutely hate the Aga now it is reoaring hot. They don’t move from in front of it. We can’t believe how they lay with their noses touching it. Fraser is doing very well, still a pickle but he wouldn’t be Fraser of he was an angel. Hope you are all well, bye for now.

    The Johnsons 🙂 🙂 🙂

  19. Hi Geoff sorry I didn’t reply to your email I deleted it by mistake :rolleyes: .Try again & I’ll gladly answer any questions you have. Sorry to hijack your guestbook Sandra I hope you & your doggies are all well, Floyd’s starting his Bronze course tommorow & judging by the way he sailed through puppy class he should do very well 🙂 .

  20. 🙂 Just wanted to say thanks for yesterday you were so kind and helpful and all the dogs so freindly we are really excited that we have found the puppy for us.

    All the Dewfall’s

  21. Hi Sandra

    Here is a pic of our little monty- mum has named him lord monty. He has settled in very well. Cant wait to tak him for his first walk!

    Kelly & Ian

  22. Thank you Sandra for our gorgeous Missy, she is a little monkey but beautifully soft hearted and wants to be involved in everything. She is a wonderful addition to our family.

  23. Hi Sandra, Floyd has been with us for 3 months now & has settled in really well. He’s doing the KC good puppy course & he loves it. He is an absolute pleasure to have in our life, he’s such a happy little chap & is extremely affectionate. He’s pictured here with his friend Louie (my Aunties Briard). I’ll mail some pics to you when he’s grown a bit more.

    Bye for now, Karen.

  24. 🙂 Hi Sandra

    Just a message from Rufus, Jonathan and I to wish you a Happy New Year. Rufus is settling in well and growing into a very handsome young boy! Everyone that meets him immediately falls in love with him! He had a great first Christmas with us and enjoyed his turkey on Christmas day. I will get myself organised and post some photos here.

    We are so glad we got him. It feels like he has always been part of our lives now!

  25. hi sandra


    we all just want to wish you and family and all the kenalure-cockers

    " A VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR- 2007"


    barnaby, harley, bella,tilly, mazie , india and jasper, all send auntie sandra a big hug and cocker kisses.

    x x x x x x x

    with love and best wishes

    terri & family.

    x x

    speak soon

  26. Sorry about that,both are great looking dogs and bring us so much happiness to our lives thanks again Sandra. xxxx

  27. Hi Sandra hope you had a wonderful christmas,this was Alfie & Charlie’s first christmas with us both enjoyed opening their presents. As you can see Charlie(who is only 8mths old)is bigger than Alfie(who was 2 in sept06)We get lots of comments about both of them especially their colouring.Thankyou Sandra for 2 lovely natured boys. Hope you have a happy new year x Jane,Don, Alfie & Charlie

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