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  1. Hi Sandra just a little note to say a big thankyou for Alfie who’s 3 today. So glad we found your web site. Love & cocker kisses from Alfie & Charlie.Thanx again Don & Jane 🙂

  2. 3 years old and Roland (Kenalure Blue Boy Josh) is becoming the Peter Pan of the dog world. We wouldn’t want him any other way, he is such a loving, fun boy to have around, and so good looking!

    He is a good hunting dog too; has many mice and wild rabbits to his credit; unfortunately he has many of my chickens notched up on his bedpost too but he only wanted to play with them…

    I have never had such a wonderful character, and I’ve never been without a Cocker Spaniel in my life (54 years and counting). He loves everybody and everything (too much sometimes) and gets very upset when his advances are repelled or rebuffed by strangers or other dogs or animals.

    Thank you for producing such a lovely companion!

  3. Hello Sandra and Family, Just to say thank you for making our visit on 15th Sept 07 most welcome. We throughly enjoyed ourselves seeing our lottie for the 1st time, 5 weeks old she is gorgeous!! as well as her mother(Georgie)and her brothers and sisters. We can not wait for the big day! we are busy getting things ready for her new home.

    Looking forward to seeing you and our Lottie in a few weeks time!!

    Steve,Ali,James and Max

  4. Hi Sandra

    Just wanted to say how fantastic Raggy is doing (son of Lizzie and Fudge). He is an absolutely gorgeous little boy of nearly 4 months. He is in training and after 3 lessons has been moved up to the intermediate class where he is the youngest by nearly three months! Everyone loves him to pieces and he gets spoilt rotten by everyone except the cat who just puts up with him. He goes to football to watch my son every week and when its not raining he loves going to the beach. My daughter is fantastic with him even though she was absolutely terrified of dogs she now plays with him all the time. Cannot imagine life without him now thank you so much.


    Belinda, Ron, Jack and Tabitha xxxxx 🙂 :p 🙂

  5. 🙂 hi sandra and all ,just to let you knowthat rosie and rolf are doing great a real handfull at times but are so funny and amusing would not be without them now ,they are great friends ,harry our older one coming to terms with them slowly ,just looks at them some times as if to say oh no not again when they have their mad moments?

  6. Hi there Kenalure! We are Lincoln’s family. Lincoln is Mazie’s son from Jarbaha. Cocker spaniels rule!

  7. Hi Sandra, Just to let you know that Milly is now 12 weeks old, she loves her ‘walkies’ and everyone she meets thinks she is adorable. She is a very good little girl (most of the time!) and is very happy in her new surroundings.

  8. 🙂 Hi Sandra,

    Just wanted to let you know that Murphy has settled in fine – he is an absolute dream! We took him for his first holiday last w/e and although we couldn’t take him off his long lead he loved playing in the sand!

    Still eats as though it is his last meal ever (about 15 seconds) but I guess he’ll realise soon that there aren’t 6 other brothers after his dinner!!

    Thanks again, he’s a lovely addition to our family.


  9. Hi Sandra,

    It’s been 10 days now and Alfie has settled in really well. Everyone adores him especially the children, as he is really good with them. Half the neighbourhood have been in to see him, as the children were that excited they were dragging people of the street!!!

    Off for his second injections tonight and look forward to being able to take him out for walks.

    We will update you again soon, thank you for Alfie.

    Kindest regards,

    Cherie and Rob.

  10. Hiya Sandra

    Just saying high because Paddy is getting on fine. He has met lot’s of people in his family. 🙂 He has lot’s of love here. He is very happy here with all of his toys.

    We will send a picture when we get a nice one.

  11. 🙂 I picked up a lovely boy yesterdy. he was an absolute dream in the car on the journey home and has settled in very well.He is already showing signs of being a very cheeky chap. Excellent kennels. Can see why Sandra’s reputation is superb. Thanks for a cracking little dog.

  12. Hi there, i came a cross your site as i am looking to buy a cocker spaniel puppy from a excelent breeder. your site is great and the messages people have left you are fantastic. i would be greatfull if you could send me some information on how to buy a cocker, me and my husband have talked for over a year about getting a dog and have now decided that the time is right. im looking for a chocolate brown color puppy. any info you could give us would be great. thanks kez xxx

  13. Hi Sandra

    We are both looking forward to picking up our boy this weekend, if you have one final picture to send that would be great 😀 if not see you Sunday!!


    Mark & Niki

  14. Hi Sandra

    Thank you for a wonderful puppy Caz he looks more like his mum every day. He gets stopped when we take him out as people wont to know were we got him from so I tell them about this site. He

    now goes to puppy classes and is the star "well sometimes"……

    Best wishes

    Lynne and CAZ 😀

  15. Hi Sandra,

    Just popping by to say hello. Sending you a pic of me swimming, which I do almost every day. I love it! I’m almost 18 months old now. I’ve got lots of friends who I meet in the park. Izzie is my bestest friend. She’s a Boxer and about the same age as me.

    I still watch the badgers every night with mummy, and we have some new baby foxes who are very norty. Wish I could get out there and show ’em a thing or two. We also have lots of Red Kites that I like to watch. How do they get up there?

    Please tell mum and dad (Smarties & Fudge) that I love them and think of them often. And lots of love to you, as always, for giving me the best start in life I could ever have wished for. I hope to see you all again one day.

    Mummy sends her love. She says I’m doing well with my typing lol. I’m a Cocker though, so what do you expect :cool:? Might try driving next. Looks easy enough.

    Love as always,

    Maudie (& Mummy)

    xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 😎

  16. Best wishes from Hertford -Eddie is nearing his 1st birthday (7/7) and is continuing to be a star spaniel! He’s a bundle of energy and takes everything in his stride- a real credit to you .I must say I am tempted to get him a playmate….. maybe one day……..

  17. Just to catch up and say Harvey is doing great, we are all totally in love with him, he has a great temperament and character. We would love another one to keep Harvey company so we may be back ……. I wondered if Rigby is related to Harvey who was born on 8.7.06.

  18. Hi There,

    Our little Missy is now Two years old and is doing very well, The only problem is she won’t stop eating my knickers!!!! 🙂

    I wish I could have another one.


  19. Hi. Just want to say thanks for all your emails and info with regards to getting a puppy from you. I cant wait. Its such an exciting time. Your website is brilliant. All of your dogs are beautiful. Speak to you soon. Good luck to the Mummies

  20. Hi Sandra, just a quick update on little Tia! She’s started her KC Puppy Foudation course and is such a little Star (and the best behaved!). She’s mastered most of the basics and is teachers pet 😀 . Thank you so much for such a well behaved puppy! We will send more pictures to you soon.

    Stacey and family (Archie and Tia also!)

  21. Hi Sandra (Coco and Fudge),

    Alfie is one year old today! He is a lovely natured boy who is lots of fun. Hope all is well with you and your dogs. Love,

    Laura, Jon and Alfie








  23. Just thought I’d send a picture of Kenalure Ebony Pricesses Son Cosmo (Jarbaha Midnight Magik.

    Thanks Tilly for producing such beautiful offspring.

  24. Hi Sandra

    Hope you are all well. Thought we would just post a photo of Freddy and to let you know he is our little star, he is very grown up now and very settled in the new house. We will be over to see you all soon and hope to get a photo of freddy and his beautiful mum 🙂

  25. My husband supprised me with Snoop (Kenalure Blue Rusty) a week before Christmas 06, he is now 6 months and we don’t know what we ever did without him, I don’t think i have ever met a nicer dog he is a pleasure to have as part of our family. Many thanks

  26. Hi!!

    Just a quick pic of Hessy.He is now 14 months old now,he a big boy.Hessy was from your first litter,he doing really well.


  27. Excellent site, the pictures are gorgeous!

    I would love to make an addition to my family with a beautiful Kenalure pup!

    All the messages are a real tribute to you Sandra, well done, keep up the good work with such stunning cockers!


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